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Netsicle Welcomes Ty Van Schoor to Our Web Team

Netsicle Welcomes Ty Van Schoor to Our Web Team

We are thrilled to announce a significant new addition to the Netsicle team - Thaabit (Ty) Van Schoor, who joins us as a Lead Web Developer. Ty, hailing from the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa, brings an impressive array of skills and experience to our growing family.

Ty's Professional Journey

Ty's career in technology & development spans over eight years, marked by a diversity of roles and expertise. From being a freelance penetration tester and vulnerability analyst to a dedicated Web Support Developer at Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, Ty has consistently demonstrated his prowess in the field. His skill set includes server-side development, web performance optimization, version control, ethical hacking, and proficiency in languages like Python and Shell Scripting. Moreover, Ty's experience in WordPress development and his current venture into learning React and other frameworks showcase his commitment to staying at the forefront of web technology.

Role and Vision at Netsicle

In his role at Netsicle, Ty is set to lead our growing website side of things, scaling website builds and offering innovative web solutions for our clients. He will play a pivotal role in our current and future web and app-related projects, helping to shape the digital landscape for our diverse clientele. Ty's addition to the team aligns perfectly with Netsicle's commitment to delivering world-class web and digital solutions.

A Personal Touch

Beyond his technical skills, Ty is a family man, married with three beautiful children, and enjoys gaming in his free time - a testament to his love for all things tech. His personable nature and strong work ethic, which was witnessed during time together at a former agency, make him not just an excellent developer but also a fantastic team player.

From the Founder

As the founder of Netsicle, I've known Ty's capabilities firsthand. "He's not just a great personality and a talented professional, but also someone who has the skills and drive to become an amazing world-class developer," says Jacob Wulff. "Bringing Ty into our fold at Netsicle is a step towards fortifying our promise of excellence to our clients."

Join Us in Welcoming Ty

We are delighted to welcome Ty to Netsicle, and we eagerly anticipate the incredible contributions he will bring to our team and clients. Please join us in welcoming Thaabit (Ty) Van Schoor to Netsicle!